About Us

The Blockchain Council is an authoritative group of experts and enthusiasts who are passionate about putting their best efforts in the Blockchain Research, Development, Use Cases, Products and Knowledge for the better world. 

Blockchain Council has become a pioneer in providing the best in class online training and certifications in the Blockchain sphere. Certifications offered by the Blockchain Council hold immense value in the international job market and getting certified in Blockchain is the doorway to a lucrative career with excellent prospects. Blockchain Council provides expert training and certifications in technologies such as Blockchain, Corda, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and more.

Why the Blockchain Council?

  • Blockchain Council is the global leader in online training and certification for Blockchain

  • Training developed by industry experts

  • Advanced industry oriented curriculum

  • Hands-on practical training

  • Lifetime access to Course Content

In recent years blockchain has hit the technology world by storm. Today, Blockchain technology is widely accepted across industries for the immense benefits it offers. This revolution in technology has led to a massive demand for certified blockchain individuals. Blockchain Council is playing a huge role in bridging this gap by rendering expert knowledge on blockchain technology.