Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Certified Metaverse Developer

  • 2

    Building Metaverse

    • What is Metaverse?

    • Metaverse as a product of Extended Reality

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Introduction in Metaverse

    • Financial and Economics of Metaverse

    • Benefits of Metaverse

    • Metaverse Framework

    • Blockchain Overview

    • History of Blockchain

    • Need of Decentralization in MV

    • Smart Contract capabilities in Blockchain

    • Blockchain in metaverse

    • Understanding tokens

    • Understanding the NFT

    • NFT token standards

    • NFTs in Metaverse

    • Cryptocurrency in Metaverse

    • Quiz

  • 3

    Prerequisite for Developing Metaverse

    • Prerequisite for Developing Metaverse

    • Blockchain basics

    • Introduction to Metamask

    • Introduction to Solidity

    • Testing & Compiling Smart Contracts

    • Quiz

  • 4

    3D Model Development

    • Blender Basics: Installation

    • Blender Basics: Setup and Complete Interface

    • 3D Modeling Fundamentals: Edit mode

    • 3D Modeling Fundamentals: Sculpt mode

    • 3D Modeling Fundamentals: Modifiers

    • 3D Modeling Exercise

    • 3D Modeling Exercise: Editing Tools

    • 3D Animation Fundamentals and exercise

    • 3D Animation Physical Simulation

    • Introduction to Rigging and Armatures

    • 3D Rendering

    • Adding 3D Object into Photo

    • 3D Texture Projections

    • Camera Tracking

    • Creating 3D Environment

    • Creating NFT Art and Avatars

    • Quiz

  • 5

    Developing Web Based Metaverse

    • Developing Web Based Metaverse: Prerequisite

    • Understanding Three.js

    • Basics of Three.js library

    • Basics of Three.js library: Tutorial

    • Building 3D Objects on Web

    • Classic and Advanced 3D Techniques

    • Shaders

    • WebGL

    • Building 3D Website

    • Quiz

  • 6

    Hardware Integration

    • WebXR

    • Introduction to XR

    • Converting a Three.js scene to XR using WebXR

    • Quiz

  • 7

    App Based Metaverse (VR App)

    • Download and Installing Unity

    • Understanding Unity Interface

    • Understanding Unity 3D Properties

    • Basics of C#

    • Creating Assets and Environment

    • Adding functionalities with C#

    • VR Headset Integration

    • Prerequisite for VR App

    • Demo VR multiplayer game App

    • Quiz

  • 8

    Integrating with Blockchain

    • NFT and types of NFTs

    • NFT Development and using Hardhat

    • NFT Contract deployment using testnet

    • IPFS, Pinata and Minting NFT deployment on Metamask

    • NFT marketplace overview Opensea and Rarible

    • Storage in metaverse: IPFS, Bittorrent, Filecoin, Arweave

    • Storage in metaverse: IPFS installation and setup

    • Storage in metaverse: Solidity

    • Storage in metaverse: Rust

    • Metaverse Working: Ethereum

    • Metaverse Working: Polkadot

    • Metaverse Working: NFT(ERC 721/ ERC 1155)

    • Metaverse Working: Decentraland builder

    • Bonus Project: Creating NFT in MV

    • Interoperability in Metaverse

    • Crypto bridges

    • Real Estate in Metaverse and Decentralized Deals

    • Decentralization in the space

    • Censorship-resistance

    • Creating DAOs

    • Quiz

  • 9

    Future scope of Metaverse

    • Future scope of Metaverse

  • 10

    Study Material

    • Download Study Material

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