Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the CHD

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Introduction to Blockchain

    • What is Blockchain?

    • Types of Blockchain

    • Public and Private Key

  • 3

    Understanding Hyperledger & Hyperledger Fabric

  • 4

    Getting Started with Hyperledger Architecture

    • Hyperledger Fabric Architecture

    • Hyperledger Fabric Transaction Flow

    • Hyperledger Fabric Endorsement Flow

    • Hyperledger Fabric Endorsement Policies

    • Hyperledger Fabric Data Distribution Protocol

    • Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode

    • Structure of Chaincode

    • Hyperledger Fabric Certificate Authority

    • Hyperledger Fabric Membership Service Provider

  • 5

    Setting-up the Prerequisites

    • Prerequisites

    • Installing Prerequisites

    • Hyperledger Fabric detailed installation

  • 6

    Git Repository- Source Code- Download

    • Project Overview

    • Download Source Code

  • 7

    Create Basic Hyperledger Fabric Network

    • Hyperledger Fabric Network Details

    • Repository Folder Structure

    • Create Cryptomaterials for all network Participant

    • Create Channel Artifacts ( Genesis Block, Channel.tx file etc)

    • Docker-Compose file Walk-through (All Services)

    • Run All Services in Network

    • Create Channel and Join all Peers

    • Chaincode (Smart Contract) Walk-through

    • Downloading Smart Contract Dependency

    • Package & Install Chaincode

    • Approve Chaincode from Both Organisation

    • Commit Chaincode Definition on Endorsing Peer

    • Invoke and Query Transaction

    • Start Network With Single Script

  • 8

    Add New Org in Existing Network

    • Flow Diagram

    • Create Cryptomaterials For New Organisation

    • Docker-Compose file Walk-through (All Org3 Services)

    • Create New Organisation Definition File

    • Fetch Configuration Block & Add New Organisation Definition File

    • Compute Update using Configtxlator Tool using Original & Modified Block

    • Sign & Send Updated Configuration Block to Orderer

    • Run Org3 Services, Join Channel & Verify Data

  • 9

    Add New Org in Consortium (System Channel)

    • Introduction: Add New Organisation in Existing consortium

    • Add New Organisation in system Channel (Consortium) Flow

    • Try To Create Channel when Org is not Part Of Consortium

    • System Channel Update - Consortium Info Update

    • Create Channel and Join all Peers- After Updating Consortium with New Org

    • Deploy Chaincode, Invoke Transaction and Verify data in State DB

    • Wrap up

  • 10

    Add New RAFT Orderer in Existing Network

    • Add New Orderer in Existing Fabric Network - Flow Diagram

    • Create All Certificates using Certificate Authority for whole Fabric Network

    • Create Cryptomaterials For New Orderer

    • Step 1: Add Consenter to System Channel

    • Step 2: Fetch New Genesis Block and Start new Raft Orderer Container

    • Step 3: Add Orderer Address to System Channel

    • Step 4: Add Consenter to Application Channel

    • Step 5: Add Orderer address to Application Channel

    • Check and Verify New Orderer Log For Confirmation

  • 11


    • Introduction

    • Project Folder Structure and Necessary Installations

    • Creating Crypto Materials and Channel Artifacts

    • Studying Docker-compose.yaml file and Running the Fabric Network

    • Creating Channel and Joining Peers to the Channel

    • Chaincode Lifecycle and Deployment

    • Creating Fabric API_ Part 1 (Creating wallets and REST Server)

    • Creating Fabric API_ Part 2 (Creating web application)

  • 12

    Study Material for Certified Hyperledger Developer

    • Study Material of Certified Hyperledger Developer

    • Source Code

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