Course Description

A Certified Uniswap Expert is a skilled professional who understands the fundamental elements of decentralized finance and holds an in-depth understanding of Uniswap exchangeThis certification is designed for learning and understanding Uniswap from fundamental perspectives, and thereby building a foundation of knowledge in this niche.  

This certification will make sure that you benefit from gaining in-depth awareness of how Uniswap works, and how to use this knowledge to make efficient trades on the Uniswap platform while understanding the risks of trading on Uniswap. This comprehensive exam-based certification will give you an elaborate understanding of Uniswap, so that you can make informed choices at your professional front.

The purpose of the CUE credential is to

  • Understand and learn how Uniswap works over traditional finance
  • Gain better understanding of how to make efficient swaps, better trading, and earn more profits
  • Get in-depth knowledge on the risks of trading on Uniswap along with advanced tricks and tips to deal with issues

Who must attend this certification

  • Engineering & Management Students
  • Programmers & Developers
  • Software Engineers & Architects
  • Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts
  • CEO, CTO, CIO, CISO or any other CXO
  • Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts
  • Blockchain Architect 
  • Blockchain Project Manager 
  • Blockchain Consultant 
  • Senior Government Officials 
  • Financial Advisors & Analyst


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Uniswap ecosystem
  • Learn trading skills in the Uniswap space with acquired knowledge
  • Prove your skills & understanding within the Uniswap ecosystem


  • Aspirants should be familiar with the fundamentals of Blockchain technology.
  • The candidates' attention on the Ethereum Blockchain is especially advantageous for moving forward with the Uniswap  training course.


  • 4 Hours total for training
  • 1 hour for the exam
  • Self-paced training
  • Training will be online
  • Training can be consumed as per the candidate's availability & speed


  • Training & Exam both will be online at Blockchain Council Academy.
  • Training can be taken remotely.


  • There will be an online multiple-choice exam of 100 marks followed by the training.
  • You need to acquire 60%+ marks to clear the exam.
  • If you fail the exam you can retake the exam again after 1 day.
  • You can take the exam for a maximum of 3 times.
  • If you failed to acquire 60%+ marks even after 3 attempts you will need to contact the Blockchain Council team to have manual assistance for clearing the exam.

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